Monday, 30 December 2013

My Crossword Solving Life.

I have been solving crosswords pretty much since I could read and write. For the last ten years I have worked in a job where I am allowed (practically encouraged) to solve crosswords while I work. I think I have devoted more time to the solving of crosswords than any other hobby except reading. Maybe you are thinking I should get a life, if so, this blog is not for you.

About two years ago I had my first go at compiling a crossword as a present for someone. It was a little rough around the edges - lacking, as it did, rotational symmetry and being, as it was, unsolvable by anyone except me and the intended recipient (there was even one clue he couldn't get). However I was proud of my attempt and resolved to improve my technique. Gifting various fellow solvers with their personalised crosswords became a pastime I enjoyed and so I started to write more generic puzzles that could (in principle if not in fact) be solved by anybody.  

You can find an archive of my published crosswords at

I've been posting links to these puzzles on my alter-ego's Facebook page and offering a small prize to the first person to send me a completed one. Gradually (motivated by greed no doubt) people have begun to ask me how the hell they go about solving these puzzles. This blog, once it's up and running and assuming I don't get bored of it and start another project, should hopefully answer some of those questions.

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